TAD celebrates Indian Food festival on 1st June 2019


Indian Food Festival



TAD celebrates Bathukamma, Dasara and 3rd Anniversary of TAD on 30th September, 2017


Dasara 2017



TAD celebrates Vinayaka Chavithi on 25th August, 2017


Vinayaka Chavithi 2017



TAD celebrates Telangana Formation Day on 3rd June, 2017


Telangana Formation Day 2017



TAD celebrates Ugadhi on 1st April, 2017


ugadhi 2017



TAD celebrates Network/Job Search Event on 5th February 2017




TAD celebrates Bhathukamma and Dasara Sambaralu on 15th October 2016




TAD celebrates Vinayaka Chavthi sambaralu from 5th to 10th September 2016




Telangana Formation Day celebrations on 4th June 2016




Ugadhi celebrations




Dusshera/Bathukamma and TAD 1st year celebrations on 24th October 2015




7) Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations on 17th September and immersion on 19th September 2015




6) International Yoga day




5) Telangana formation day celebrations




4) Intensive training on different technologies-- 4 times conducted




3) TAD is successfully conducted Ugadi 2015 Event




2) TAD is successfully conducted its first work shop on "Strategies for a successful jobsearch