About Formation


Telangana officially became the 29th state on India on June 2nd, 2014 with Hyderabad as the capital situated in the Deccan plateau of south-central part of India. We the Telangana residents of Denmark strongly want to have an association that truly represents our culture and that integrates with Danish culture. The idea of an association was initiated by ‘Raja Reddy Baddam’ who gathered Telangana people in August 2014 to get their opinions on formation of an association. All Telanganites who were gathered are unanimously agreed to build an association with a

Vision: “Connect the Telangana Community in order to promote culture and support/serve the Telangana people in Denmark”

and a name: Telangana Association of Denmark (TAD).

TAD is established in 2014 by a founding team who hail from Telangana region with immense love to mother land by preserving, maintaining the heritage of the people and promoting the Telangana culture.

A founding team worked hard to build the structure and objectives of the association where the TAD constitution(laws) is written by Karunakar Reddy Bayyapu with help of founding team, TAD name is suggested by Raj Kumar K., TAD logo is designed by Sateesh Sama, IT support done by Upender Gilakathula, Karunakar Reddy Bayyapu, Sateesh Sama, and Shyam Babu Akula and discussions by Raghuvardhan Reddy Bheeram and others. TAD founding team celebrated first time ‘Bathukamma and Dasara sambaralu -2014’ in Copenhagen, Denmark. The founding team members in alphabetical order are: Damodar Reddy Lattupalli, Karunakar Reddy Bayyapu, Kranthi Kumar Gaddam, Narsimha Vamshi Krishna Srungaram, Pavan Kumar Pabba, Raghuvardhan Reddy Bheeram, Raj Kumar K., Raja Reddy Baddam, Raju Poreddy, Rama Murthy Vadrevu, Ramesh Vanaparthy, Sathish Reddy Sama, Saya Goud Padala, Shashinarayan Reddy Katta, Shyam Babu Akula, Shyam Chelika, Shyamsundhar Rao Sunkishala, Somesh Gundagani, Srinivas Reddy Kankanala, Srinivas Reddy Pandiri, and Upender Gilakathula.

The first ruling TAD board was formed by some of Founding members. All basic rules are officially made by the first board and legally registered at Gladsaxe Kommune in 2014. The official founding board: President(Karunakar Bayyapu), Vice-president(Sateesh Sama), Secretary(Upender Gilakathula), Treasurer(Shyam Chelika), Ladies Club Managers(Uma Sama and Madhuri Kyasaram), Program Mamangers(Shashinarayan Reddy Katta, Sajay Kumar, Raghuvardhan Reddy Bheeram, and Srinivas Reddy Pandiri),Public Relation Manager(Kiran Serolla and Damodhar Lattupali),Web administrator(Somesh Gundagani), and Advisory Board(Raja Reddy Baddam,Raj Kumar K.,Saya Goud Padala,Jesper Niclasen, and Henrik)

The very essence of creation of new state of Telangana was enough to spur the creation of Telangana association in Denmark to bring all the telangana people under one roof. Same phenomenon occurred across the globe in the last 15 years. The new state was created on the basis of about 40 million Telangana people's unique culture due to socio political and economic history of the region.